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Who we are

Hello, I am Sue Wotruba and I am the founder of Cornelian.

I have a deep-seated belief that everyone is good at something and if they can find that “something” then they are likely to be effective at doing it. Sometimes that can involve difficult choices and the realisation that you are not necessarily enjoying, or are good at the very things you have spent years doing.

At Cornelian we seek to understand what organisations need their people
to be good at and then seek to find or build the required capability

My own career is a tale of two halves.  My early career was in corporate human resources working for companies like IBM UK, SAP UK and Accenture.  As the new millennium approached I began work for a small management consultancy, which was later acquired by Penna Consulting were I worked before setting up as an independent in 2004.

During my time in consulting I acquired expertise in the people aspects of change and organisational development. I have had experience of working with Board, Senior Teams and Middle Managers in numerous organisations across both the private and public sector. Working with leaders on a one-to-one basis to identify potential and build individual capability as well as working with senior teams to build collective capability or to facilitate the implementation of change initiatives.

I am a Fellow of the CIPD, a PRINCE2 project manager, a British Psychological Society qualified assessor and an experienced coach and facilitator.

Cornelian Ltd
39 Prestbury Road, Cheltenham GL52 2PT
Tel: 07880 769906