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What we specialise in

  • Job Analysis & Job Profile design - we use a range of tools and techniques to help determine the capability requirements of your organisation and WHAT you want your people to do.
  • Behavioural competency design - we build simple and flexible competency frameworks based on HOW you want your people to deliver. This can be used for assessment, development and performance management.
  • Individual Profiling - we use a range of interview and psychometric profiling tools to determine the suitability of individuals for specific roles as well as identifying areas for development for those in new or existing roles.
  • Assessment/Development Centre design & delivery - we create bespoke assessment and/or development activities to determine “best fit” between the capability of individuals and the needs of your organisation. These produce valuable information, which can be used for job selection or succession planning.
  • 360 Feedback - we provide an internet-enabled 360-feedback process based on your competency framework or specific areas of focus.  It provides individuals with a detailed view of their current behaviour from a variety of sources.  This data, when coupled with one-to-one feedback can help individuals identify strengths and potential areas for improvement or development.
  • Coaching/Development - we provide one-to-one coaching as a stand-alone activity or as a follow on from 360 feedback or other assessment activities.  We can also design and deliver workshops to support individual or team development.
  • Process design - we build processes, which identify and build talent within your organisation as a basis for talent and succession management.
  • Process review - we review performance objectives and performance management processes to ensure that they are delivering what your organisation needs and are a source of motivation for individuals.

Cornelian Ltd
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