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What we do

Cornelian takes its inspiration from the gemstone of the same name, which is said to help people find strength so that they can come into their own and fulfill their potential.

At Cornelian our aim is to help organisations deliver their business goals by ensuring they have the Right People with the Right Skills who are delivering against the Right objectives to deliver an effective performance.

With the three R’s in place, your organisation is in a good position to meet day-to-day challenges, particularly if you are looking to grow, merge, downsize or restructure in some way. In addition, having capable, motivated and focused individuals creates value for your business and a potential Unique Selling Point vis-a-vis your competitors.

So what do we mean by the three R’s?

Right people – to have the right people means knowing what skills, experience and attributes are key to the delivery of your current and future business goals.  

Right skills – means having a mechanism for being able to identify what people capability you have already in the organisation and what you might need to change, develop or recruit to fill any gaps.

Right objectives – means having objective setting and performance management processes that are aligned with the goals of the organisation. So that people are focused on the activities, which provide greatest value, not just what they want to do.

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