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Restructuring companies - things to consider

Like people, organisations need to be agile and flexible if they are to prosper.  Successful organisations are those that are willing to make internal organisational changes, which align with the economic, social, political or technological changes they are facing.

This often results in internal changes, which range from a reassessment of organisational goals, processes, structure and people.

A mountain of literature and expert opinion exists warning of the need to implement change properly if it is to deliver the expected benefits.

What are some of the considerations for restructuring success?

Change of Vision & Goals – these need to be communicated clearly throughout the organisation so that all individuals are clear what it means for them in terms of day-to-day delivery of their role.  Ideally business objectives should be translated into functional, team and individual objectives.

Change of Structure – clarity is needed in terms of:

  1. Changes to job roles - which ones stay the same, change, need to be created or eliminated?
  2. Existing capability – will people need to be developed, retrained, hired or outplaced?
  3. Appointment process - how will people be slotted into roles? Will there be formal assessment against defined criteria?
  4. Ongoing performance management – how will individual performance be measured and rewarded once appointments have been made?

Change of people – restructuring often results in a surplus of people, either because the role they did is no longer needed and a suitable alternative cannot be found, or their individual values and aims no longer align with that of the organisation.

A change in personnel, particularly at senior levels requires the development and implementation of a robust process for selecting and appointing those individuals as well as the creation of support mechanisms to maximise effectiveness in the first few months of appointment. 

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